Industry Spotlight: Semiconductors

Semiconductor technology plays a vital role in modern society and international commerce. Semiconductors have become a hot market item worldwide due to their myriad uses.

Business Insider recently invoked the “data as the new oil” concept, reporting that semiconductors play an integral role in the digital realm. The publication also reported that semiconductors are among the top five exports from American businesses and, for some, are considered a more solid investment than real estate.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) recently announced that global industry sales reached $526.8 billion in 2023. Semiconductor sales are projected to increase by 13.1% for the current year. Many industry leaders also hedge their bets on artificial intelligence (AI) integration into this technology arena and invest more funds and resources.

The TPC group of advanced specialty manufacturers plays a big part in this cutting-edge world. Two of our companies, E-Fab and Elcon Precision, are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and are often on the front lines of technological innovations.

Innovation and Advancements

The TPC roster of advanced specialty manufacturers supplies essential components to many of the world’s most critical industries, including renewable energy, aerospace, medical, technology, defense, and semiconductors.

The engineers and manufacturing experts at these facilities play a vital role in the technological development of semiconductors. We leverage this expertise while adhering to strict regulations and collaborating with many of the world’s leading companies.

While certain agreements hold us back from reporting the specifics, we’re thrilled to see advances in 5G telecommunications, sustainable manufacturing, autonomous automobile chips, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Many of our manufacturers provide precision thin metal and injection molded plastics to help companies with these progressive trends.

The Edge With Photochemical Etching

Photochemical etching is a widely used manufacturing technique in semiconductor manufacturing because it creates intricate designs and complex geometries while preserving the material’s metal properties and surface integrity. Unlike less accurate machining processes, photochemical etching ensures uniformity and burr and stress-free edges, which are essential for maintaining semiconductor components’ performance, speed, and reliability.

TPC’s Fotofab and E-Fab are two specialty manufacturers with expertise in photochemical etching.

A leader in the semiconductor industry, Fotofab boasts over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, thin metal parts tailored for semiconductor applications through photochemical etching.

The company capably handles rapid turnaround times, even as short as one week, with streamlined costs compared to conventional machining methods. Fotofab’s expertise extends across various semiconductor applications, including portable power devices, optical sensors, microprocessors, solar cells, LED displays, and fiber-optic communication devices. The on-staff expert manufacturers use a diverse range of metals, such as copper, stainless steel, and gold, to deliver highly customized solutions that meet the stringent demands of the semiconductor industry.

E-Fab’s expertise in the photochemical etching process enables improved yields of parts with ultra-precise dimensional tolerances and high conductivity, as well as extended service life in semiconductor applications.

Semiconductor OEMs rely on E-Fab to help them solve complex design, machining, and part assembly needs from prototype to completion. The company meets the demand for precise, complex, and feature-rich metal semiconductor parts and components with the highest accuracy and repeatability levels, which is vital due to the critical nature of semiconductor applications.

The Future Is Chipped

Another pivotal and trusted player in the semiconductor industry, Elcon Precision provides cutting-edge components that meet the ever-evolving demands of chip fabrication. Chips are becoming smaller and smaller, increasingly dense, and able to pack a higher-performance punch for semiconductor components.

To keep pace with this ever-growing need, Elcon Precision continually develops sophisticated processes and fabrication equipment tailored to meet stringent requirements and surging demands.

Elcon’s expertise spans a range of advanced process techniques, including braised assemblies, ceramic metallizations, bonding, finishing, and brazing hermetic feedthroughs. The company’s capabilities empower them to deliver critical components such as high-voltage devices, metalized lift pins, and multizone electrostatic chuck circuitry. Elcon Precision is committed to pushing forward innovation and expanding the boundaries of semiconductor technology.


These TPC members are dedicated to best practices and delivering top-notch products to our clients. All of these companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR-registered. E-Fab also holds CMRT and PCMI compliance certifications. Elcon Precision is RoHS-compliant and uses DFARS-compliant ceramic and metal components where required. They are committed to ethical business practices and promoting conflict-free 3TG resources.

A Team Effort

TPC’s companies are highly regarded for their unwavering commitment to product quality, prompt responsiveness, and exceptional customer service. We have a perennial edict to improve the caliber of products, increase rapid production runs without sacrificing quality, and allow customers to collaborate with TPC team members to ensure that every project’s goal is met.

With so many exciting changes and innovations in semiconductor technology, TPC is excited to meet the challenges ahead. Our integrated network of companies in different locations across the United States allows for an interlaced dialogue and a unique ability to solve even the most time and process-intensive problems under one extended roof.