Spotlight: E-Fab

In its earliest days, E-Fab’s engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance professionals adopted the mantra “Bring us a challenge. We’ll solve it.” The company lives up to that challenge daily while delivering precise, durable, and innovative solutions for the most demanding applications.

Jerry Banks and Bill Scales launched E-Fab in 1982, establishing the company in the heart of Silicon Valley to work with legendary innovators and industry leaders in the defense, communications, renewable energy, medical, technology, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. 

E-Fab leverages that early experience to deliver expert engineering, photochemical etching, high-frequency laminates processing, plating & finishing, forming, and bonding services.

A Step Above

E-Fab’s mission is to deliver engineering and manufacturing solutions to power our customers’ businesses. 

The Engineering team partners with customers at the beginning of a project, helping work through part concepts and research and development. Our engineers have decades of experience, so they can offer expert guidance in design, materials, and processes so that every project meets exact expectations and specifications.

The Research & Development offering at E-Fab is unparalleled. Staff engineers stay up-to-date with rapidly changing technological advancements to ensure their customers have the parts or components they need for their projects. Taking time to invest in R&D provides significant advantages for companies because it contributes to innovation and offers our customers a competitive advantage. 

Once a concept is developed, prototyped, and tested, E-Fab’s engineers validate the design and the manufacturing process. Engaging in this process saves E-Fab customers time and money.

Experts in Photochemical Etching

E-Fab is a leading provider of photochemical etching manufacturing services, which enables the company to deliver parts with complex or intricate geometries and tight tolerances.

Leading telecommunications, defense, medical, and electronics companies rely on E-Fab to produce various products, including screens, circuits, blades, clamps, microstrips, and more. 

One of the benefits of photochemical etching is cost because digitally rendered designs and chemical etchants equal reduced tooling costs during production compared to mechanical machining manufacturing. Another is faster turnaround time since the process begins on a computer, so schematic and tooling changes can happen faster. 

Living up to the “solve any challenge” philosophy shines bright in E-Fab’s photochemical etching work since the company takes pride in pushing design and technical boundaries to produce thin metal parts that other companies will not attempt.

E-Fab Knows Materials

Turning ideas and designs into innovative, technically accurate, and reliable parts for use across many industries takes expertise in materials and processes. The E-Fab engineers and manufacturers have decades of experience working with materials that can withstand the highest tolerances and offer the greatest efficiency.

E-Fab specializes in working with Beryllium copper, stainless steel, copper, nickel, and brass. Understanding the unique properties of each metal is vital to optimizing the process for different applications. Our engineers and manufacturers work with various materials daily and can help determine the most suitable metal for our customers’ projects.

A Resource for Engineers & Innovators

E-Fab has produced thousands of stiffeners & bars, flex circuits, antennas, and flex circuits throughout the past 40 years while working with hundreds of companies across the United States. 

The company’s engineering and manufacturing teams feature industry veterans with decades of experience. E-Fab’s Knowledge and Experience Hub includes a library of the company’s most popular products, resource papers covering expertise, and a popular Busbar & Stiffener Drawings download.

E-Fab's Core Values

From its earliest days, E-Fab set itself apart from the crowd by living up to an inspirational and instructional set of values. Those values were designed to help the company succeed, and our people grow. Today, E-Fab is united to deliver:

Service — We are a customer-first organization, continually striving to understand and deliver for our customers.

Collaboration — Our experience shows that the best ideas come from talking, learning, experimenting, and perfecting with our customers.

Agility — We are dedicated and determined to uncover solutions via improved research, training, process, and equipment.

Respect — Listening, learning, and growing enable our community-focused environment. 

Dedication — Our team won’t stop until we find a solution to our customer’s challenges.

Character — Remaining transparent and honest is how we establish trust and commitment from our customers and employees.

Joining The Partner Companies

In 2019, upon the retirement of Jerry Banks, E-Fab joined The Partner Companies, a group of specialty manufacturers with concept-to-delivery capabilities. The added network power of TPC enables E-Fab to offer a broad range of capabilities, ensures the company has access to materials, and increases its manufacturing IQ to solve even greater challenges.