Spotlight: Elcon Precision

The Elcon Precision story features fifty years of experience delivering thousands upon thousands of solutions, parts, and components to organizations working to save lives, protect our allies, and send people to space. 

Expertise in photochemical etching, brazed assembly, and ceramic metallization, along with a passion for precision, perfection, and innovation, makes Elcon a trusted service provider for companies across the globe.

The teams at Elcon are committed to achieving superior quality control, accuracy, and durability. The company’s technical and manufacturing experts deliver parts and components used in the aerospace, renewable energy, and pharmaceutical industries.

A History of Opportunity and Growth

From Elcon’s modest beginnings in 1967, founder Anthony Barraco took a long-term view and built up his business from one discipline into many. 

A merger with Macro Metallics in 1985 inspired a move into Silicon Valley, the heart of high-tech, and an expansion of the company’s capabilities into ceramic metallization and brazed assemblies.

The Partner Companies purchased the company upon Barraco’s retirement in 2011, renaming it Elcon Precision, LLC. 

In subsequent years, Elcon acquired United Supertek, a manufacturer of thick film ceramic circuit boards, and Jennings Radio Technology, makers of vacuum relay switches. 

A Diversity Of Disciplines and Clients

Today Elcon is known for its expertise in photochemical etching, brazed assemblies, and ceramic metallization, serving its customers with industry-leading knowledge. 

The company is known for working with customers in a wide variety of industries, delivering fast turnaround prototypes to high production runs, all monitored by the strictest quality control standards.

Their reach has extended to several national labs and clients in the aerospace, biomedical, defense, renewable energy, space flight, semiconductor, electronics, optical, microwave, automotive, and telecommunication industries.

Specialty Products

Elcon excels in producing highly reliable, high-quality specialty parts used by industry-leading companies in the renewable energy, medical, and defense industries.

Many of our photochemically etched components are used in critical applications, including: mesh screens used in medical devices, EMI/RFI shields, and bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells, a highly sustainable alternative energy option.

Elcon’s vacuum coaxial switches are manufactured for government and commercial applications in high-speed switching radar systems. They are long-lasting and highly durable, protected from contamination and oxidation, need no-contact maintenance, and result in faster switching times.

Elcon is also among few manufacturers throughout the world that specialize in producing focus and control grids that are used in traveling wave tubes (TWT) and other industrial applications.

Commitment to Renewable Energy

Elcon is committed to creating cost-efficient and long-lasting solutions for the renewable energy market.

The company photochemically etches precision components for use in solar panels, fuel cells, batteries, antennas, thermoelectric generators, and other applications within the energy sector.

Elcon’s photochemically etched bipolar plates are flat, stress-free, extremely corrosion resistant, and offer increased design flexibility, complexity, and high dimensional repeatability. The photochemical etching process allows designers complete flexibility for creating different groove and crossover channel patterns on either side of the plate.

This etching process creates bipolar plates that are cost-effective, highly flexible, and very durable.

Collaborative Efforts and Bold Ideas

Elcon’s vast experience in precision part and component manufacturing means it has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to partner with companies looking for solutions. 

Elcon’s engineering team understands what questions to ask to deliver the best answers and is not afraid to try something different or untested.

Throughout a project’s timeline, Elcon stays in contact with clients to provide feedback, offer suggestions and engineering support, and report on delivery estimates. Honesty, transparency, and collaboration are the hallmarks of Elcon’s customer relationships.

Elcon is ITAR registered, ISO9001-2015 and AS9100 certified, and RoHS compliant.

Legacy and Vision

Building upon traditions and innovations from over 55 years in business, Elcon Precision maintains the highest production quality and strictest standards. The company’s engineering and fabrication teams answer the demands and needs of its customers while continually looking for ways to improve its processes.

Elcon and the specialty manufacturing companies within The Partner Companies answer the call from the world’s most important industries, delivering precision, reliability, and strength.