Spotlight: Optiforms

Optiforms delivers precision metal components and enhanced surface finishes. 

Nestled in Temecula, California — just halfway between the celebrities of Los Angeles and the Top Gun fighter pilots in San Diego — Optiforms serves numerous market sectors with precision metal components and enhanced surface finishes.

The company’s location is symbolic of the industries it supports, which run the gamut from defense and aerospace to specialty lighting. Optiforms also develops solutions for leading companies in the medical, semiconductor, and industrial markets.

Launched in 1984, Optiforms specializes in electroformed and CNC machined components and enhanced surface finishes, including electrodeposited platings and vacuum deposition coatings. The company’s professionals solve complex problems and support customers with the highest efficiency, service, expediency, and quality.

A Focus on Leadership

Optiform’s mission is to provide the best optical components and services available to customers seeking the strictest levels of performance and quality. 

The company’s list of capabilities features electroforming, multi-axis machining, thin film coatings, electrodeposition, metrology, and design & engineering support. 

Electroforming is an Additive Manufacturing process that accurately replicates geometric and organic surfaces using either copper or nickel in an electro-deposition process. 

Optiforms’ expertise includes the production of parabolic, elliptical, off-axis parabolic, spherical reflectors, compound parabolic concentrators, and custom electroformed optics. The company produces Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly components (cold shields, window housings, cold fingers, customized apertures, and thermal insulators). 

The Optical Coatings team specializes in Physical Vapor Deposition, producing broadband metallic coatings, enhanced metallic coatings, and ultraviolet coatings. The benefits of PVD thin film coatings include the ability to deposit precise and uniform thin films, excellent adhesion to the substrate, and the capability to coat complex shapes. 

The combination of in-house capabilities and the Design for Manufacturingapproach makes Optiforms a one-stop shopping experience for companies looking for a metal component manufacturing partner.

Serving the World’s Most Important Industries

The list of Optiforms customers includes leading manufacturers across several industries, including aerospace and defense, medical, technology, industrial, and specialty lighting.

Optiforms regularly produce essential parts and components, including:

Aerospace & Defense —searchlight reflectors, covert filters, infrared imaging components, cold shields, radiation shields

Medical —reflectors for retinal scanning, condensers for teeth whitening, and laser hair removal systems

UV and Semiconductor — reflectors for UV curing systems, troughs for semiconductor systems, optical coatings for UV applications

Specialty Lighting — reflectors for stage lighting, optical coatings to optimize performance, special events lighting, and architectural lighting

Industrial —components for gas analyzers and leak detectors, reflectometers and emissometers, water purification systems, particle counters, and microbial sampling systems

Optiform’s work can be experienced at the 9/11 “Tribute In Light” memorial and the launch site for the Space Shuttle at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Certifications and Registrations

Optiforms is ISO9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered, and NIST 800:171 compliant.

The company continues to invest in ways to better serve its aerospace, defense, medical, and technology customers, including increased attention to the traceability and reshoring of materials.

Joining The Partner Companies

The Partner Companies welcomed Optiforms into its global portfolio of specialty manufacturers and solutions providers in 2016.