Spotlight: Pinnacle Precision

With over five decades of experience and expertise, Pinnacle Precision is a trusted provider of total assembly services and precision metal fabrication for industry leaders in the aerospace, defense, medical, and energy sectors. 

The company’s team continues elevating its priorities of delivering high-quality, on-time parts while expanding its capabilities, client base, and training its staff to take its operations to the next level.

Dialing into their customer’s needs, Pinnacle recently doubled down on its promise to be a “metal solutions provider” with total assembly solutions by investing in two high–capacity machining mills and turning centers.

A History of Commitment and Collaboration

The foundation for the modern incarnation of the company goes back to 1973 when founders Don Wright and Ed Randolph opened D&E Precision Sheet Metal in Anaheim, California. The company provided customers with machining, welding, and forming services in the audio/visual, medical, and energy sectors. The duo added painting and silkscreen departments that enhanced the durability, usability, and appearance of every part coming off the production floor.

As the company’s reputation for care and craftsmanship grew, so did opportunities to expand its customer base into the aerospace and technology industries. To meet the demands for more, Wright and Randolph invested in additional machines and hired more knowledgeable, expert manufacturers.

Dramatic change came for D&E Precision Sheet Metal in 2008. The company transformed into Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal and moved to the 73,000–square–foot facility where it still resides today.

A Modern Facility That Continues To Evolve

More than 100 dedicated and experienced manufacturing experts utilize Pinnacle’s spacious plant today. The state-of-the-art production floor includes CNC machining centers, shearing, punching, forming, and bending machines, line grainers, and welding stations. The hard-working collective produces over 1 million parts per year, collaborating closely with customers to deliver parts on time and on budget while meeting meticulous specifications.

After experiencing increased calls for expertise and customer demand, Pinnacle took note and recently upgraded its capabilities by adding two DN Solutions SVM 5100L vertical machining centers and a Lynx 2100LY turning center to their facility. The SVM series boosts productivity by reducing the acceleration and deceleration rates for the spindle and axis drives and reducing retooling times between jobs. Lynx enables the machining of reliable complex parts in a single setup thanks to the Y–axis, and sub–spindle.

Each new machine will increase Pinnacle’s machining capabilities with unparalleled precision and efficiency so the company can produce complex parts at quicker and more accurate production levels.

Devotion To Quality, Efficiency, and Accountability

Pinnacle’s team never compromises its honesty or integrity and will do whatever it takes to find solutions for customer needs without sacrificing quality control or incurring unnecessary costs. The company’s strength derives from a combination of mutual respect, support, and collaboration among its members, who pride themselves on responsibility and accountability for their work. They are always thinking through the next steps ahead and seek to positively impact our ever-changing world.

Most within Pinnacle’s production team have worked at the company for 20 or more years, some of them over 30 years. That cumulative experience and knowledge affirm that they know what it takes to deliver accurate, on-time parts.

Certifications and Registrations

For every project they work on, Pinnacle Precision follows the guidelines for ITAR, ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, and RoHS compliance.

Acquisition by TPC

The Partner Companies acquired Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal in May 2022, with Group President Jack Maze declaring that it perfectly complements TPC’s synergistic consortium. Both TPC and Pinnacle are aligned in their dedication to superior quality and customer service, and TPC is excited about the partnership to help expand its reach into new service offerings and markets.

Utilizing an expert team of centralized support, TPC is investing in Pinnacle’s future growth through expanding core capabilities, developing employee expertise, and continuing to meet and exceed the demands of increasing customer expectations. Their collective efforts will take both organizations and their customers to new heights.