The Partner Companies Welcome L&T Precision

The Partner Companies (TPC) announced the acquisition of woman/minority-owned small business L&T Precision. L&T is a precision CNC machining and turning company with service capabilities in sheet metal fabrication, finishing, and assembly.

“L&T Precision fits well with both our customer needs and our high-standard quality beliefs,” says Christian Streu, Director of Finance for TPC. “As a Lean manufacturer, L&T Precision is committed to providing the highest quality solutions for the aerospace, defense, healthcare/medical device, and commercial industries. Their excellence in customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and we are excited to be adding their expertise to our partnership of companies.”

L&T Precision will complement TPC’s tenured companies’ services, which include: photochemical machining, electroforming, plating, polishing, Silicon and Germanium crystal growth, and ceramic brazing. 

Together, the companies share resources and cultivate existing talent for a higher common benefit. TPC utilizes centralized resources to help share talent in areas that may have otherwise been unavailable. “Operationally, things will continue to run at L&T Precision as they have for the last nearly four decades, with leadership staying in place,” said MiMi Nguyen, co-president of L&T Precision and daughter of original owners. “Excellence drives us to provide high-quality service at competitive prices with on-time delivery.”

TPC plans to invest in L&T Precision to expand its capabilities and meet the ever-evolving requirements of customers. 

The acquisition was finalized in December 2020. 

About L&T Precision, LLC 

An ISO9001/AS9100 Certified, ITAR Registered, Small Business, L&T Precision provides unmatched machining and sheet metal fabrication services, including custom manufacturing, turnkey integration, welding services, metal finishing, and quality product inspection. As the premier choice in Lean manufacturing, they are committed to providing the highest quality solutions for the aerospace, defense, healthcare/medical device, and commercial industries. 

Since 1984, L&T Precision has supported prototype and production volume quantities for engineers utilizing CNC machining and turning, punching, laser cutting, forming, assembly, spot welding, painting, powder coating, and silk screening. Their highly-skilled engineering team delivers innovative solutions with precision, craftsmanship, and excelled performance.

About The Partner Companies 

The Partner Companies (TPC) is a long-term operator of specialty manufacturing companies. TPC’s eight portfolio companies operate autonomously and cooperatively, providing integrated customer solutions across numerous specialized processes and materials. The companies primarily serve the aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, optics/laser technology, and renewable energy industries. Most are ISO certified, ITAR, or NIST compliant, and in one case, NADCAP accredited.

Core processes include chemical etching, CNC machining, forming, electroforming, sheet metal fabrication, reel to reel plating, plating on plastics, ceramic metallization, crystal growth, finishing, and wire harness assembly. These capabilities produce critical parts and assemblies made of metals (common engineering alloys and exotics), plastics, ceramics, sapphire, silicon, and germanium.  For more information, please visit