Innovation Update: L&T Precision Invests in New High-Capability CNC Milling Machine

L&T Precision (L&T), a The Partner Companies (TPC) company, has recently invested in a high-capability, large CNC milling machine. The machine is now operational and ready for purchase orders.

This investment is part of L&T’s operational strategic plan to increase precision machining capability in the U.S. to further support the aerospace, defense and satellite communications markets. This move – in line with both L&T and TPC’s shared goals – enables L&T to stay at the forefront of modern technology and innovation, deliver top-notch customer service with rapid decision-making and expedited product delivery solutions without sacrificing vision or quality – helping to deepen its value and meet the needs of its current and future customers.

The company is a proud member of TPC, a global network of advanced manufacturers that create specialty technical products for innovators. L&T is one of 10 specialty manufacturers, and TPC plans to support continued similar investments across its specialty manufacturers network.

The new machine deepens L&T’s precision manufacturing capabilities and differentiates its manufacturing capabilities nationally. TPC is also supporting investment in additional precision machinery at Pinnacle Precision, the Anaheim-based advanced manufacturer that is another leading provider of precision sheet metal fabrication with expertise in rapid prototyping and working on production runs of all volumes, from pilot to mass production. Both investments solidify TPC’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation with capital investments in its specialty manufacturer network.

The new CNC milling machine, specifically a Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center, is a 3-axis vertical bridge that has a high accuracy across a large size envelope. With this addition, L&T can now machine larger parts with tight tolerances – within the range of 114″ x 60″ x 38.5″. This is about four-to-five times larger than the largest size L&T can machine today.

This investment reiterates L&T’s commitment to quality service and precision manufacturing excellence.

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