Partnering with Technology Leaders

TPC manufacturing centers deliver innovation, expertise, and service to technology’s leading companies.

The inspiration behind the formation of The Partner Companies was to create a strategic network of specialty manufacturers defined by industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, a collaborative approach, and an outstanding reputation for customer service. 

The company also looked to serve the world’s most important industries, from renewable energy to defense to medical. Technology was and continues to be an essential sector for TPC manufacturing centers. 

The TPC inspiration and drive informed the company’s strategic growth, acquiring companies with expertise in photochemical etching, injection molding, forming, finishing, bonding, and more. These manufacturing centers work with diverse materials, including dozens of metal alloys, ceramics, plastics, and sheet metal. 

TPC’s manufacturing centers leverage these areas of expertise, capabilities, and material aptitudes to serve leading companies in the technology sector. Let’s look at how and where in this article.

Innovation, Expertise, Service

American manufacturing entities are instrumental in bolstering the tech sector. With its network of 10 companies, TPC remains committed to this cause. While united under the TPC banner, each company maintains a personalized approach, ensuring clients remain intimately involved from idea conception to execution.

Every division within TPC provides top-notch client experiences. They pivot with changing demands, offering manufacturing solutions that range from single prototypes to large-scale production runs. 

The Partner Companies strive to be irreplaceable partners, emphasizing quality, service, and technological innovation. As tech evolves at lightning speed, TPC members stand ready to tackle any arising challenges.

The Precision of Photochemical Etching

Five TPC companies — E-Fab, PEI, Elcon, Fotofab, and Microphoto — specialize in photochemical etching. Strategically located across various regions, they lead in supplying precision parts to the consumer electronics sector, delivering reduced product weights and costs, and ensuring faster time-to-market.

Photochemical etching is pivotal in crafting intricate metal components like microchips, connectors, and circuit boards. This process facilitates the miniaturization of electronic components, enabling manufacturers to devise smaller, more efficient devices. Custom designs ensure components meet specific tech requirements and that all TPC partners uphold the required compliance and certifications in their respective areas.

Metal Manufacturers

L&T and Pinnacle, TPC’s sheet metal manufacturers, provide pivotal support to the tech sector. Their facilities, capabilities, and precision solutions play a significant role in the growth and innovation of technology products.

Both manufacturing centers produce protective enclosures for electronic devices, ensuring sensitive components are shielded from environmental factors. Sheet metal also finds its purpose in creating efficient cooling systems for electronic equipment and constructing structural parts in data centers.

In addition to its etching expertise, Elcon doubles as TPC’s ceramics manufacturing division, producing ceramics vital for various semiconductor applications. These ceramics ensure the optimal performance of electronic components across numerous devices.

UPG’s Dedication to Data

Houston-based UPG has been a trusted partner for electronics and telecommunications OEMs for nearly 70 years. As TPC’s recent acquisition, UPG has earned acclaim as a premier supplier of plastic injection-molded components. Through its UPtyma division, UPG has catered to data center needs for a quarter of a century.

UPG produces a plethora of plastic products, from device casings to electronic connectors. UPtyma has elevated UPG’s offerings by introducing an exclusive range of products prioritizing data center efficiency. UPG’s engineers consistently deliver quality parts, leveraging global manufacturing facilities to optimize costs. The company boasts an impressive assembly capability and offers versatile shipping options across 35 countries.

Other Areas of Technology

Optiforms and Lattice Materials, two other TPC consortium members, also hold significant positions in the tech sector. Optiforms deliver optical components crucial for various applications, while Lattice Materials contribute semiconductor substrate materials essential for integrated circuits and microchips. Their innovative solutions consistently benefit the tech industry.

A Track Record of Reliability

The Partner Companies and its manufacturing centers adhere to the highest standards of precision, security, and reliability. TPC’s engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance professionals bring decades of specialized experience to the table.

Always keeping an eye on future tech advancements, TPC remains eager to forge collaborations, aiming to meet and exceed client expectations while innovating solutions to emerging challenges.