Soaring with the Aerospace Industry

TPC’s advanced manufacturing centers

Aerospace is one of the most exciting and expansive industries in modern times, offering myriad business opportunities in business, commercial, defense, and space industries. The market demands detailed engineering, cutting-edge materials, R&D innovation, precision manufacturing, and stringent quality standards.

According to the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry generated $391 billion in economic value in 2021 (that equals 1.75% of the total nominal U.S. GDP). The $224 billion in labor income supported by the A&D industry represented 1.8% of the nation’s total labor income.

The Partner Companies and its ten advanced manufacturing centers are essential partners to dozens of aerospace clients, delivering critical components for nearly every part of a flying machine. Many of TPC’s manufacturing centers, including Pinnacle Precision, L&T Precision, Fotofab, Optiforms, and Lattice Materials, contribute to the aerospace industry.

Soaring Into The Future

American manufacturing companies are pivotal in bolstering the aerospace sector due to their unique blend of specialized expertise, stringent regulatory compliance, and groundbreaking collaborations.

Precision engineering and cutting-edge materials are fundamental to successful aerospace component manufacturing. American manufacturers create critical components for aircraft, spacecraft, and aerospace systems. They are also at the forefront of developing advanced aerospace materials that boost aerospace structures’ efficiency and durability.

American manufacturers recognize the importance of and heavily invest in aerospace R&D to spur technological evolution. By joining forces with aerospace OEMs, they advance next-generation solutions ranging from fuel-efficient engines to advanced avionics systems. These synergistic collaborations rapidly increase the exchange of knowledge and resources, culminating in inventive and inspired solutions.

Manufacturers also maintain the highest quality standards and certifications to guarantee that aerospace components comply with and surpass industry regulations. When one has vehicles high in the sky and space, not to mention close to the ground in combat situations, there is no room for even the most minute manufacturing error. It is a source of pride for aerospace manufacturers to produce premium components of supreme quality.

Opportunity And Sustainability

Jobs in the aerospace market have a significant economic impact on the United States. American manufacturers generate substantial employment opportunities that drive financial growth at local and national levels, stimulating economic development within their respective regions and hubs. Further, American aerospace manufacturing firms prosper globally by exporting aerospace components and systems to destinations worldwide.

Globally aware competitiveness also drives technological progress. American manufacturers are also acutely aware of the need for customization to meet precise client design specifications and requirements in the aerospace field.

Sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of U.S. aerospace manufacturing, and not just on the jobs front. Manufacturers champion eco-friendly practices, including recyclable materials, energy-efficient production processes, and reduced emissions technologies, aligning with global sustainability goals. At a time when climate change and energy efficiency are not simply buzzwords but concepts requiring imperative action, eco-friendliness and sustainability are essential.

Where TPC Leads The Way

Most of TPC’s manufacturing centers serve the aerospace industry, working with industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions, precise manufacturing, and eagle-eyed quality assurance. 

Security regulations and non-disclosure agreements compel a circumspect telling of our experience, but these companies work closely with aerospace leaders:

Pinnacle Precision

Pinnacle delivers parts and components used in cabin-to-cargo applications from its 73,000-square-foot plant in Southern California. Pinnacle is an AS9100-certified manufacturer with decades of experience working with aerospace-grade alloys, finishes, and hardening requirements.


Leading defense and aerospace companies leverage the expertise and experience of Optiforms in Southern California. The company produces all its optical and electroformed components in-house and can deliver prototype-to-production runs of reflectors, covert filters, infrared imaging components, and more.

Lattice Materials

Custom-grown silicon and germanium crystals become optical lenses and windows installed on commercial, industrial, and defense planes. Every crystal is grown at the company’s Bozeman, Montana center, offering full traceability and material security.

Lattice Materials is ITAR-registered and ISO-certified.

L&T Precision

L&T Precision supplies sheet metal products used for passenger and military aircraft. The company uses aluminum and titanium alloys and high-strength steel to fabricate precision parts and components. Based in Southern California, L&T features 40 years of expertise and experience.


Silicon Valley-based E-Fab is the partner of choice for companies looking to push manufacturing and material boundaries on the way to innovation. The company’s engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance specialists deliver precision metal parts and components for the most sensitive applications.


Fotofab produces high-quality products by combining its design, manufacturing, and assembly skills with expert in-house engineering, machining, and sheet metal fabrication services. Fotofab photochemically etches parts made of 300 series Stainless Steel, Titanium-based alloys, Nickel-based alloys, Copper-based alloys, and Brass-based alloys. The Chicago-based company is ISO9001/AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered.

The power of TPC is the sharing of experience and materials across its ten advanced manufacturing centers, especially as it relates to the aerospace industry. Industry and customer needs are always met thanks to the TPC network, and often, the collaborative efforts of our engineers uncover a more efficient and effective solution.

Built for the Future

From commercial aviation to terrestrial defense to deep space exploration, the aerospace industry provides a wealth of opportunities while demanding an abundance of expertise.

TPC stands ready to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. We welcome your inquiries.