Spotlight: Microphoto

Microphoto delivers high-quality, cost-effective photochemical machining ofprecision metal components.

Microphoto opened its doors in 1965 during the early days of photochemical machining, a metal etching process that enables the production of cost-effective and highly-accurate parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

The company’s first headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, was the proving ground for the photochemical machining process and a crew of hard-working, diligent manufacturing professionals. 

Today, Microphoto’s home base is in Roseville, Michigan, a city known for its vibrant community and rich industrial history.

In its earliest days, Microphoto found its niche as the place for customers to come when they required high-quality, cost-effective thin metal parts produced by photochemical machining. 

The commitment to being a precision manufacturing house continues to this day as Microphoto builds on its reputation as an honest and trusted partner for clients seeking high-quality and reliable manufacturing solutions.

Microphoto’s engineering and manufacturing experts continue to hone their skills and add new technologies and machinery to meet increased demand from new industries.

A Passion For Parts

Decades of photochemical machining experience enable Microphoto to deliver essential thin metal parts and components to leading aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, hardware, medical, and robotics & automotive companies.

Microphoto’s process produces burr-free and stress-free metal parts that can be made on sheets up to 30′′ wide with metals of any temper and a thickness ranging from 0.0005” to heavy gauge. The parts tolerance range from ± 0.001 or less to 0.010′′ depending on the material’s thickness.

Microphoto’s experienced team of professionals collaborates with customers to

solve complex problems and deliver them the highest efficiency, service, expediency, and quality. 

The company regularly produces critical parts and components, including:

Aerospace & Defense — weapons lock systems, flight control systems, navigation systems, guided munitions electronics, and acquisitions and targeting systems

Medical — custom orthopedic surgery instruments, metal object location x-ray grids, cordless surgical instrument and recharge station components, CT & MRI Machines components, and arthroscopic surgery aids

Electronics — terminals, EMI/RFI shields, vapor depositions masks, connectors, pins, and busbars

Energy — hydrogen fuel cell plates, nuclear fuel rod holder matrices, solar and wind power systems, and photovoltaic systems

Metal Hardware — custom-designed metal scales (rulers), flat thread gauge checking set, insertion and extraction tools, and equipment I.D. tags and description plates

Robotics and Automotive — instrument cluster panels, electronics systems terminals and contacts, hybrid battery systems, and transmission system components

A Well-Rounded Suite of Services

Microphoto was an early adopter of the photochemical machining process and is considered one of the industry’s foremost experts. The company added complete in-house machining, forming, and stamping services to offer its customers turnkey solutions. 

Managed services include laser cutting, metal plating and finishing, non-destructive testing, and wire EDM. 

Microphoto adheres to rigorous quality control processes to ensure the delivery of superior products.

Microphoto’s Roseville facility is well-suited to deliver single prototype projects to full production runs. 

Certifications and Registrations

Distinguished by its ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and ISO9001:2015 (International Organization for Standardization) certifications, Microphoto stands as a formidable player in the industry. These certifications play a vital role in the business’s success and reputation.

Fotofab delivers custom photochemically etched parts used in electric vehicles, including on-board charging (OBC) components, electric power control units (EPCU), inverters, low voltage DC-DC converters (LDC), and precision metal parts for the overall vehicle control unit (VCU).

The company takes pride in supporting the latest engineering developments within the energy sector.

Joining The Partner Companies

The Partner Companies welcomed Microphoto into its global portfolio of specialty

manufacturers and solutions providers in 2019.