Spotlight On The Medical Industry

Modern advancements in medical technology have been nothing short of breathtaking. From early cancer detection to microscopic technology used in surgeries, we live in an incredible era where highly improved quality of health and longer life spans are a reality thanks to the innovations that are continually being made. In order to maintain and evolve life-saving equipment to serve patients around the country, only the most precise parts and components can be used.

The Partner Companies collective is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality parts for medical applications. Our ten advanced manufacturing centers supply essential components to pivotal sectors, including renewable energy, aerospace, technology, semiconductors, and defense.

Most of TPC’s centers serve the medical industry, leveraging their specialized expertise, adherence to rigorous regulations, and collaborative alliances to contribute to healthcare and medical technology advancements.

The Role of Precision Metal Components in Medicine

Precise, intricate components are essential for medical technology and diagnostic devices. Manufacturing discipline for creating such parts is integral to ensuring that hospitals and doctors’ offices are upgraded with the latest and greatest equipment to handle their patients’ needs. You don’t want to take a chance on anything less than the best.

Precision components are essential in a wide array of equipment: sensor elements, ventilators, medical stents & implants, hearing aid components, custom orthopedic surgery instruments, and screens and filters that contribute to safe, efficient pharmaceutical production. All must be handled with equal care.

TPC's Expertise in Medical Manufacturing

A majority of the members of TPC are heavily involved in the medical sector through the processes of CNC machining, photochemical etching, and other metal fabrication services.

With many medical grade parts becoming more compact, accuracy and precision, miniaturization, and increased design flexibility are of prime importance.

TPC’s photochemical etchers – E-Fab, PEI, Microphoto, Fotofab, and Elcon – play an integral in the medical industry. Each company supplies intricate parts for medical devices such as pacemakers, surgical instruments, and orthopedic implants. These manufacturers also play a pivotal role in the emerging field of microfluidics, producing components for lab-on-a-chip devices and diagnostic tools. Their expertise extends to creating high quality, custom solutions that meet the unique needs of medical device companies.

Pinnacle Precision and L&T’s technical, manufacturing, finishing, and quality assurance expertise are applied to delivering precision metal components used by leading medical instrument suppliers. They take their decades of experience working with medical-grade alloys and finishes while building ventilators, scientific instruments, and cabinets that house sensitive life-saving technologies. Their assembly teams save customers time and money by installing hardware and sealants.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

All of TPC’s member companies are ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certified and RoHS compliant.

Our quality assurance professionals ensure parts adhere to the most stringent requirements to keep medical professionals and patients healthy. By maintaining standards for rigorous quality control and compliance standards, each manufacturer ensures the reliability and performance of critical medical components and the highest levels of quality and precision to guarantee patient safety.

The Future of Precision Manufacturing in Medicine

In December 2023 PrimeIQ Research reported, “The Medical Device Technologies Market is expected to grow from $4.20B in 2022 to $16.32B by 2030, at a CAGR of 18.50% during the forecast period.” This is a growing field and one which will require a fast, high quality turnaround or products.

Further, precision parts are going to be applied to a whole range of new devices and technologies that will shepherd along the future of medical and healthcare technology. In fact, with the likelihood of increased robotics and AI presence in surgical environments, the need for highly specified and calibrated parts will only become greater and more urgent. TPC’s advanced manufacturing centers already specialize in crafting the right precision parts from a variety of metals and for numerous medical applications, such as chemically etched components for medical implantables.

Collaborate With Us For Your Precision Parts Needs

The inspiration behind the formation of The Partner Companies was to create a strategic network of specialty manufacturers defined by industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, a collaborative approach, and an outstanding reputation for customer service. The company continually looks to serve the world’s most important industries, from renewable energy to defense to medicine. Technology continues to be an essential sector for TPC manufacturing centers.

Contact us to learn more about collaborating with us on your medical manufacturing needs. Our partners are always ready to serve, strategize, and meet our customers’ needs. Let’s take bold new steps together in supporting medical innovation.